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Reconditioning Progress

The popularity of our products seems to go in waves and lately its been Reconditioned Originals. We've sent two more reconditioned cars out this past week. 


The first one is a 1967 Convertible. Our customer had first taken his car to a shop in Illinois. Wisely, the owner there sent him to us for the body work. It was a mess. Rust everywhere, missing panels, and just over all in bad shape. Our expert team went to work. First they media blasted the whole thing to really see what we are working with. Then we sent the customer a laundry list of body work that needed to be done. After his approval, we started tearing it apart, repairing what we could, replacing the "goners" and got the car back together. We reinstalled his stock suspension, and sent it back home. The shop in Illinois has some work on their hands, but it should be a whole lot easier now that the body is in perfect shape. 






Our second car to leave the shop this week was a Fastback. This is the second car for this particular customer. He loved our work the first time around and had to send his next car down for Reconditioning also. He had us repair the body, and install our famous Performance Suspension to transform this original into an R3 Street mod! 


Keep checking back for more project updates and pictures! 

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