R3 decided to start producing body and chassis solutions for 1965-1970 convertible and fastback Mustangs. The R3 team examined the products of the competing Mustang body shell manufacturer to learn where improvements could be made both to the product and the sales experience, as well as after-sale care. Superior parts quality, consistency, custom orders, tech support and white-glove customer service were key goals.

R3 has put measures in place at every step to ensure that the above goals are met. R3’s has the ability to see the big picture, and to provide top-level customer service and correct any issues while retaining a satisfied customer. R3 began working with Ford soon after our company started to ensure that the best products and customer service were being offered to the Mustang market.

R3 Performance Products is proud to announce that in early 2017 Ford Motor Company awarded us licensing rights for all 3 of our Mustang build platforms. This new and innovative concept has never been attempted in the Muscle Car/Resto-mod industry.

Ford recognized that the Mustang industry needed a new leader in fitment and quality; R3 set out to be that leader. The guys at R3 are no stranger to designing and building high-end, turnkey cars and off-road race cars. R3’s Research and Development team has built many off-road racing and recreation vehicles that have withstood the harsh California deserts.

R3 believes the Muscle Car/Resto-Mod marketplace has a new demand for a vehicle that has the performance and comforts of a luxury car, while maintaining the look of a classic American icon. We deliver both.

R3 started by acquiring one original fastback and one original convertible from each of the three original Ford manufacturing plants: Dearborn, Michigan; Metuchen, New Jersey; and San Jose, California. They analyzed each of the vehicles and gathered measurements and data for where mounting holes, brackets and tabs were placed. They then took an average of those measurements and used that to design and build R3’s Super Jigs. With the collected data, they applied modern technology to improve the already-durable mustang body shells.

R3 Performance Products has also directed its fabrication expertise to engineering the best, most innovative suspensions for today’s high-performance Mustang enthusiasts. Whether customers are looking to upgrade their classic cars or need a complete body shell and performance suspension package, R3 provides quality craftsmanship and customer support that are second to none.


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